AMV 5000 Welding Monitoring Computer
AMV 5000 Welding Monitoring Computer

AMV 5000

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Please note: The AMV 5000 is only available without printers at this moment, a seperate printer expansion module or printer equipped version of the AMV5000 is expected late 2015. Furthermore the software is currently under active development and subject to change.

The AMV5000 is a light and portable real-time welding analyser capable of assessing, logging and reporting welding parameters for two separate welding systems.

Price as indicated is for an AMV5000 with 2x Voltage clamps and 2x 1000A Current Clamp, but without temperature, wirefeed speed or gasflow measuring systems. If you are interested in the AMV5000 welding monitor, please contact us at for a quotation, tailored to your specific needs.

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Product Description

  • Light and portable
  • Easy configuration
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Measure up to 10 performance criteria
  • Pulse determination, peak and background levels
  • Amber/red alarm feature Record, pause and resume Save, export or print data Network-ready
  • Unbeatable price for state-of-the-art analysis

The AMV5000 monitors voltage, wire speed feed, temperature, gas flow rate and travel speed. Engineers get instant feedback from on-screen reports or can use the optional onboard printer to produce transferable reports.

The AMV5000 can monitor twin torch, twin wire or two completely independent arcs.

Twin Torch: The same procedure names, but independent arc starts and stops. For instance stove pipe welding, where two bugs or welders operate on opposite sides of the pipe. Each side is recorded as the procedure but A and B might have distinct arc times and so heat inputs are calculated separately.

Twin Wire: Both wires feeding into one weld pool. In this case the arc time starts when A is initiated and finishes when B finishes. So there is one heat input calculation covering both arcs.

Independent: In this instance the procedures can be completely different. The processes start and finish independently, as they would with two monitors.

The main monitoring screen defaults to the average values at the top and a trend graph of the weld be- low. The trend graph can show system drift over the course of the weld.

The AMV5000 gives a real-time plot of the welding waveform.

  • Choose which channel to view.
  • Constantly update every 1, 2 or 3 seconds depending on the process.
  • Pause the display and zoom into an individual data point if needed.
  • Irrespective of the display all the data is saved and can be viewed offline at a later date.
  • Get real-time pulse data from frequencies as low as 0.5Hz up to 400Hz and determine the peak and background voltage and current readings.

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