AMV 3500 mkII

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Product Description

The Triton AMV 3500 mkII is the successor to the renowned AMV 3500. Featuring a faster computer, and larger 10″ touchscreen will account for an even better user experience, while improving the precision and easy of use of the classic AMV 3500. Improved noise and high-frequency filtering and new measuring system now provide even more stability in the most demanding welding environments.

Use the AMV 3500 mkII for welding development: record and analyse the welding parameters. The AMV 3500 mkII can monitor up to 6 channels of welding signals at 5000 samples/second/channel. Data is recorded and displayed and the system can calculate a range of statistical functions to measure weld quality and performance.

The AMV3500 mkII’s four optional configurable channels (the first two channels measure arc voltage and current) can be fitted with temperature, wirefeed speed and/or gasflow sensors. The SEC recommended configuration comes with temperature sensors.

Record multi-pass average data (including heat input, arc energy, inter-pass temperature). Directly import this data into your procedure sheet, or save and access later for procedure development.

Two alarm levels can be configured to the users preference, so that welding failures can immediately be identified.

Key Features

  • Light weight and portable welding monitoring unit with large 10″ touch screen display
  • Easy to configure for most weld types
  • Fast data acquisition over 6 channels
  • Measure up to 10 performance criteria e.g. arc current and heat input
  • Record, pause and resume*
  • Save, export or print data
  • Realtime waveform analysis
  • Network features such as remotely accessing recorded data*
  • Amber/red alarm feature
  • Switch between instantaneous and average heat input calculations
  • Easily convert recorded data to as-run-sheets with included conversion software (windows only)
  • Unbeatable price for state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis
  • In it’s protective case, the AMV3500II outer dimensions still comply with airline carry-on luggage standards. Please contact your airline prior to flying for actual regulations on dimensions and weight.

The SEC-Recommended configuration contains:

  • The AMV 3500 High Precision Welding Monitor
  • One set of extended Voltage cables + clamps
  • One 1000A Current Clamp + extension cable
  • One AMV Temperature Box with magnetic thermo couple and stock extension cable
  • One AMV 3500 Stormbox with interior padding
  • One license for the Weldmon software
  • One year calibration

*marks features under development, to be provided with free-of-charge software update, which will be serviced during annual calibration.

Additional Information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions66 × 44 × 33 cm

1x Voltage
1x Current
4x Configurable for Temperature/Wirefeed speed/Gas flow

Basic Configuration

AMV3500II with 1000A Current Clamp, Voltage leads, Protective storm case and power supply.
Other peripherals/extensions like temperature measurement, gas flow or wirefeed speed to be purchased separately.
Includes ±1 year calibration.

SEC Preferred Configuration

AMV3500II with 1000A and/or 2000A Current Clamp with extension cable, Voltage leads with extension cables, Protective storm case and power supply. Further includes a temperature box with magnetic thermocouple and standard k-type extension cable (green).
Other extensions, such as extra temperature boxes, thermocouples, wirefeed speed and/or gas flow meters to be sold seperately.
Includes ±1 year calibration.


4-6 weeks